We are proud of a long standing history of knowing and serving the public finance needs of our clients. We have worked with a diverse base of governmental entities, covering a broad range of financial needs. We have made it our business to thoroughly understand clients and their unique conditions, matching them with the best financial options available in the marketplace. Focusing on this operating principal has elevated our service approach among our peer group.

We believe that the role of the municipal advisor("MA") is to provide clients with up-to-date market assessments so they can make the best choices when accessing the capital market's.

If you are interested in timely and accurate municipal advisory services from an experienced team, please continue to review our information and give us a call. We will help position your community or project for the best possible financial outcome.

Charlotte Knight-Marshall,
Principal & Founder

Client Services

TKG’s primary focus is municipal advisory services for public agencies. Throughout the life of a project, our clients directly benefit from our assistance in the decision-making process. In order to identify possible funding options, we aid in the evaluation of the alternative methods, including possibilities available to generate cash, pay-as-you-go and grants, as well as relevant debt financing techniques. These are evaluated within the context of the surrounding legal environment and available sources of payment. Our independent status allows us to review both cash and debt financing methods objectively.

Our core business can be divided into two broad categories: debt municipal advisory and general financial advisory. When debt is involved, we first help to identify the appropriate size of an issue and possible funding options, evaluate the legal authority, and consider sources of repayment. We then coordinate the financing, prepare a series of marketing documents, and present the financing to market. In cash, fee, or grant financings, we provide advice and evaluations demonstrating the various financial considerations.

We serve as MA’s for competitive and negotiated bond sales, as well as pay- as- you go projects. Because we are not broker-dealers and do not sell bonds, we are interested in structuring the issue and arranging for the marketing of the bonds with the underwriting firm(s) that produce a balance between the lowest cost and the highest market penetration to the issuer. Our years of experience as Investment bankers, Municipal Advisors and Clients Advisors give us the advantage of truly understanding the underwriting process and the professionals engaged to complete your projects.

When working on transactions among other tasks, TKG performs the following municipal advisory scope of services:

  • Evaluating Financing Alternatives
  • Debt Structuring
  • Soliciting Related Financial Services
  • Coordinating with Legal Team
  • Conducting Informational Meetings
  • Contribute to preparation of OS
  • Developing a Rating Agency Strategy
  • Assist with developing marketing plan
  • Monitor Pricing and Coordinate Closing
  • Generate Bids for GIC’s and Escrows